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Jeannette Gorzala
is an attorney at law, AI advisor and international key note speaker. 


👋 Jeannette is among the leading advisors in artificial intelligence and business law, connecting technology, regulation and business. With a keen focus on advising both national and international entities, she specializes in navigating the AI Act, crafting AI strategies, designing trustworthy AI business models, and establishing essential processes and compliance measures. She walks her clients every step of the way, from establishment of companies via business model design and scaling to expansion and exit.

🏆  Recognized Expertise: Jeannette has earned distinction in the Austrian AI Landscape publication, named a leading expert on AI legal matters for two consecutive years. Her extensive background in investment banking and transactions adds valuable depth to her proficiency in corporate and M&A field.

🌍  Global Experience: With over 15 years in corporate/M&A, Jeannette has excelled in leading international law firms, particularly in technology transactions. Her senior role as an investment analyst in renowned American investment banks further enriches her multifaceted expertise.

🤖 European AI Forum VP: Serving as Vice-President of the European AI Forum, Jeannette actively engages in the European legislative process on digital regulation. In this pivotal role, she advocates for over 2,000 European AI entrepreneurs, particularly during the formulation of the European landmark legislation for AI, the Artificial Intelligence Act, and supplementary acts and regulations.


AI & New Technologies

With a comprehensive understanding and 360° view of the European AI ecosystem and the digital regulatory landscape, our expertise extends to artificial intelligence business models and AI system implementation across the entire value chain. If you are seeking a trustworthy partner in Europe, contact us for unparalleled support and insight. We offer AI Act workshops, impact assessments and guide you through all steps along the AI governance journey.



Corporate & Business Law

Entrust us with your corporate and business law needs, allowing you to fully dedicate your attention to your company’s core operations. Founding companies, configuring corporate governance and crafting shareholder agreements, business contracts as well as commercial terms to managing financing rounds – we take care of the legal intricacies, simplifying the process for you. Your focus remains on the essentials of running your business. It’s that straightforward.

Startups, Scaleups & Founders

We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by startups, scaleups, and founders. Whether you are looking for a partner to temporarily assist as inhouse legal counsel, augment your existing team, or gain an external perspective on your company, we provide tailored solutions. Whether for individual projects, recurring tasks, or long-term benefits, our services are designed to meet your specific requirements.




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